Veltek participates in „SelfCare“ – an NPA preparatory project

Veltek and Fjallabyggd municipality are participating in SelfCare, a project under the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) Programme. This project, which is also seeking co-funding by the European Union through Interreg, aims to enhance health and well-being self-management services in rural areas, focusing on cultural sensitivity and appropriateness.

The SelfCare initiative seeks to provide services that respect the diverse cultures, values, and needs of individuals, ensuring fair and respectful treatment. This is particularly important for those in marginalized or remote communities.

The project focuses on three main groups:

  1. Ukrainian refugees in Ireland impacted by recent conflicts.
  2. The SAMI population in remote and rural settings.
  3. Elderly individuals living independently in Fjallabyggd, Iceland, who face challenges in accessing healthcare.

Veltek’s role is to lead the Icelandic group, with Fjallabyggd’s active participation in laying the groundwork for sourcing and implementation of new services for the seniors in the area. Our participation, alongside important partners like Region Västerbotten’s Centre for Rural Medicine, and the University of Limerick’s School of Medicine, underscores our commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and responsiveness to cultural needs.

Our involvement in the SelfCare project represents our dedication to health innovation and equitable healthcare solutions, especially for those in less accessible regions.

We aim to keep our stakeholders informed on the progress and outcomes of this project, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing healthcare services for diverse populations, particularly in rural and isolated areas.