About the cluster


The Iceland Health and Welfare Technology Cluster works toward better health and welfare in northern Iceland – a region with particularly high median age, representative of Iceland’s future age distribution in 2040.

Our members include twelve municipalities in northern Iceland, educational institutions and healthcare organisations. VELTEK approaches the health challenges inherent in an aging populace head-on. By researching, procuring, testing and implementing new solutions in a systematic way we strive to provide our service users with innovative products for a better daily life.

Core members

Health Care Institution of North Iceland
Akureyri Hospital
Intermunicipal Organisation of Northeast Iceland
Heilsuvernd Care Home
University of Akureyri


899-4422 - perla@veltek.is


Director of finance and support services - Health Care institution of North Iceland

Chief medical executive and chief executive of surgical services - Akureyri Hospital

Project manager - SSNE

Chief nursing executive - Heilsuvernd Care Home

Guest lecturer - University of Akureyri, Faculty of Health Sciences.


Chief nursing executive - Health Care institution of North Iceland



Audbrekka 4
640 Husavik
+354 899 44 22