Iceland Health and Welfare Technology Cluster

The backbone of welfare tech in northern Iceland

VELTEK is a health tech cluster dedicated to the implementation of welfare technology in northern Iceland. Our members include 12 municipalities, technology players, universities and leading health organisations.

Improving the lives of service users

Providing health and welfare services cost-effectively has never been more important. VELTEK is an effective forum where healthcare organisations, municipalities and universities cluster together for procuring and implementing important products and services. We ensure that users’ needs in northern Iceland are heard by the market, and introduce new products and services to our base.

Via North Iceland

Planning on winning over the world with your new healthcare product? Why not start with Iceland?

VELTEK offers companies in health and welfare technology a unique opportunity to introduce their products to a whole community in a systematic way.

Our backbone members, 12 municipalities, universities and health institutions, can serve as an ideal test bed for innovative solutions in health and welfare technology. Through VELTEK, your company can test, implement and gain valuable academic feedback on your offerings.

For northern Iceland

VELTEK is meant to harness the power inherent in companies and institutions in northern Iceland, and to amplify it by supporting innovation in healthcare technology.


Our health is so important, both for the individual and society as a whole. The main goal of VELTEK is to support the quality of life and wellbeing in northern Iceland.


A community without innovation is doomed to stagnation in the end. VELTEK supports positive community development and job creation by collaborating with companies in the health and welfare technology sector.


Welfare services can easily become a deciding factor when life presents its challenges. VELTEK works systematically towards supporting innovation as well as researching, procuring and implementing new welfare technology products and services.


VELTEK is well connected domestically. Make us your first stop towards testing out your innovative healthtech product on a nation-wide basis.


Audbrekka 4
640 Husavik
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